Alien Reproduction Vehicle,
X-Files: Alien Replica Vehicle,
ARV, or Fluxliner Propelled by
Alcubierre Warp Drive

ARV Fluxliner (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) or (Alien Replica Vehicle)

Alcubierre Warp Drive Effect

Alcubierre Warp Drive Diagram

  • The Alcubierre Warp Drive effect moves the Alien Reproduction Vehicle by contracting spacetime at the front or top of the craft and expanding spacetime at the bottom or back of the craft. The field put out by the alien reproduction vehicle creates a bubble in spacetime that results in the craft moving spacetime to propel itself rather than moving through spacetime to propel itself, this key difference allows a properly tuned Alien Reproduction Vehicle to travel faster than the speed of light.
Aluminum Flywheel
  • The flywheel disc in the main crew compartment is a major component in making one half of the alcubierre warp drive.
  • A paper on extended heim theory which I mentioned in my book states that the disc needs to be made of odd nuclear spin material, aluminum is one such material and is reported to be the material used in the flywheel.
  • In the paper the scientist stated the disc needs to have an outer surface speed of approximately 1000 meters per second with a very strong magnetic field applying the field perpendicular to the disc.
  • While I am not currently a heim theory proponent his papers and their details have some interesting insights.
  • An aluminum flywheel with an outer surface speed that high would have the axis of rotation of the aluminum atoms in the disc radiating outwards parallel to the plane of the disc.
  • Furthermore, at such high speeds the atoms axis of spin would not merely be parallel to the flywheel, it would experience precession forces. The atoms of the disc would be angled above or below the plane of the flywheel disc depending on the direction of rotation of the flywheel.
  • Then applying a strong magnetic field will bend the axis of rotation of those atoms vertical parallel to the field lines of the electromagnetic coil.
  • This aligns the strong force or gravity, some kind of contraction force that of all the aluminum atoms in the disc together perpendicular to the plane of the disc project above the craft.
  • This contracts spacetime at the top of the craft, bringing one half of the alcubierre warp drive to the craft.
Electromagnetic Coil
  • The electromagnetic coil is pivotal in bending the aluminum flywheel's atoms axis of spin collectively pointed up, above the craft.
  • According to Gordon Novel's witness in Supreme Cosmic Secret the coil consisted of approximately 1200 turns of 1/4" copper rod.
Flat Parallel Plate Capacitors
  • The flat parallel plate capacitors at the bottom of the craft are a major component in making one half of the alcubierre warp drive.
  • The flat parallel plate capacitors were made of copper, about 1/2" thick.
  • There was some kind of dielectric (a material that resists the flow of electricity), possibly around 3/4" thick, G10 in a sandwich G10|Copper|G10|Copper|G10
  • An epoxy was used to glue the pieces together creating a flat parallel plate capacitor.
  • The rest mass energy of an electron is 511 kiloVolts
  • According to Gordon Novel's source, the capacitor has to receive voltage pulses exceeding double that, 1.2 Million volts.
  • This creates an area of negative energy density, partially related to the Casimir effect, in the capacitors at the bottom of the craft.
  • In the Casimir effect, negative energy density is created between two conductive plates causing the virtual particles outside the plates to force them together.
  • Negative energy density is needed in the Alcubierre Warp Drive effect in order to expand spacetime.
  • This expansion of spacetime around the capacitors propels the craft upwards.
Marx Generator
  • According to Gordon Novel's source, the capacitors at the bottom of the craft have at least 1.2 Million volts going into them.
  • In order to reach such high pulsed voltages a voltage multiplier is needed.
  • Marx generators are one of the few methods of providing high voltage pulses into the capacitors.
  • APELC is one company that makes Million volt level marx generators and their outward appearance is also a cylinder like the cylinders next to the central column of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle.
  • I have also ran across a graduate thesis of a student who saught to and accomplished creating a cylinder type marx generator.
  • These marx generators are modular and allow as many stages as desired, layered on top of each other, to the height of the top of the cylinder.


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