CDC Recommends Cutting Quarantine Times

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Good news everyone, the CDC recommends cutting quarantine times from ten days to five days for those who have Covid-19 but are asymptomatic. As the CDC news on Covid is constantly evolving, their data shows that those infected with the coronavirus are most infectious in the two days before showing symptoms to three days after symptoms develop. This is good news for people who have exhausted their sick days and are at home going without income.

For those who are asymptomatic but have tested positive they should also wear a mask for an additional five days after their five days of quarantining at home. This will help ensure that they do not spread the coronavirus to anyone else after infection.

Additionally those who are unvaccinated or not yet received a booster shot should also quarantine for five days and wear a mask after that for five days if they have been exposed to someone with Covid-19.

Those who are up to date on their vaccines including a booster shot do not need to quarantine but should wear a mask for ten days if they have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus.

It seems like this will never end but stay up to date on vaccinations, booster shots, and wearing masks in high risk areas and we will get through this. We should continue to follow what the CDC recommends as they have the latest data. The Omicron variant could be a blessing in disguise. While it appears to be more infectious the infection appears to be less damaging than the Delta variant.

Update: I ran across an article on my Google News feed from CNN and Fox News. In NYC there has been a 5-fold increase in children being hospitalized for Covid. Clearly my initial research was wrong. Across the U.S. pediatric hospitalizations are up 35% this past week. It seems for the time being as we wait for antiviral pills capable of treating all infected and not just adults, the vaccines are still the best course of action to fight off Covid.

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